Africa, the potentially richest continent in the world still holds the record for the highest number of poor people in the world.

Good land, good weather, hardworking people, highest number of youth population, yet trailing other continents and major nations! However,  It has not always been this way.

Many centuries ago, Africa led the world in civilization, innovation, invention and social order.

But the subsequent breach of communal trust, vile culture and traditional practices, disunity, leadership greed and rife betrayal amongst other things, made great African kingdoms cheap preys of plunder, exploitation, subjugation, slavery and colonisation.

Africans subsequently developed a strong sense of insecurity, inferiority, materialism and self-centeredness.

Ladies and gentlemen, all these can change! Africans can become great again!

At African Transformation Network, we are committed to delivering a superior African future, where our people can experience and enjoy superior living standards through quality economic development, progressive social order, mental wellbeing and rife prosperity.

We believe if our people are mentally and materially empowered, the situation will naturally get better. This transformation can however, not occur without adequate support, collaboration and investment in, especially, the youth category.

Dear friend, if you care about Africa; her posterity and her prosperity, we encourage you to support us in any way you feel you can. You can call us, write us, encourage us, inspire us, follow us on our various social media platforms, advise us, donate and suggest ways you feel we can do better.

At ATN, we pride ourselves as the “rebuilders of the ancient ruins; restoring age old foundations”; we believe the glory of Africa is about to return!

We are convinced if we pool together the contributions from all lovers of Africa, and remain laser focused on all our projects and initiatives, we can activate and drive wide spread freedom from all imminent social and economic subjugation.

It all begins with our collective mind-set, self-consciousness, self-worth and true commitment.

Thank you for your time and support.

Muyiwa Afolabi.

Founder and President, African Transformation Network